Pay Attention to Carry-On Luggage Size

Canadian air travellers need to know that carry-on luggage restrictions are now being enforced by Air Canada as of June 1, 2015. This announcement followed on the heels of both Air Canada and Westjet introducing a $25 fee on your first piece of checked baggage on all lower priced fares.

Air Canada allows two carry-ons. The first, your ‘standard’, larger item must be no larger than 23cm x 40cm x 55cm. These items are small suitcases, backpacks etc. Your second, smaller item may be a purse, camera case, computer, diaper bag etc.

You know those largely ignored metal frame measuring devices for carry-ons at airports? Travellers will now actually have use them. If you can successfully fit your standard carry-on item into the metal frame you will be given a red tag for your baggage and you’re deemed good-to-go. If you’re unsuccessful you will now be required to pay a $25 baggage fee and your bag will be sent to cargo. European and U. S. airlines introduced these same policies several years ago. Expect Westjet to follow suit.

If you have always played by the rules you won’t be affected at all. This change will likely have you muttering “about time”. However, like most of us who jam literally everything and everything into our small , but potentially oversized carry-on bags, we will need to clean up our act and fast! Queue paranoia*.

At Adventure Clothing we specialize in lightweight travel clothing, luggage, and all kinds of accessories that will assist you to conserve weight and size of your carry-on baggage. We want to help you stay comfortably within these newly enforced carry-on guidelines.

Please drop in and have a chat with our knowledgeable travel staff. Better yet, come by to check out our Guaranteed Certified Carry-On Baggage.
Happy travels!

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