Packing Light – Ninja Style!

Packing like a ninja is about maximizing functionality with minimal provisions. It isn’t a compromise. It’s all about efficiency and simplicity.

The benefits of travelling with a backpack become obvious to the traveller immediately. There are no bag check fees, no waiting at the luggage carousel, no lost luggage headaches and you’ll be the first through customs. You will take fewer taxis and if you spontaneously decide to stroll through that charming little village, you won’t have to worry about luggage storage fees.

Packing for minimalist travel takes planning and organization. The first thing you need is a good quality, lightweight pack. Proper fit and comfort is of primary importance.

Make a list of the clothing and gadgets you will need for one week.  Do not add any ‘just in case’ items. Pack for best case scenario, not worst case. As you make your list detail complete outfits – i.e. if you absolutely need a belt, add it to the outfit list. Choose only lightweight, wrinkle free fabrics and neutral colors. Lay everything on your list on your bed.  At this point, most travellers realize they have too much. Examine each item and ask yourself “Do I really need this item?”  Be tough. Every clothing item should go with everything else. One shirt and dress up pants. A sarong can be a scarf, headdress, shawl or skirt. Never take more than two pairs of shoes.

You can be both comfortable and stylish as a ninja traveller. Just keep your clothes versatile, casual/semi-casual and neutral. Do not pack anything that clashes with anything else.

Take enough toiletries to get you started only. When you run out, buy more. They are readily available worldwide and often cheaper that what you would pay for these same items in Canada.

Staying organized inside your pack is important. You don’t want to be dumping your entire pack to locate one item. Use airless baggies, a clothes compressor, packing cubes or folders. Mesh bags are great for underwear or socks. Use another for those miscellaneous but important items like ear plugs, a safety kit, a clothesline etc.  Bring along a kitchen garbage bag for dirty laundry. Pack heavier stuff at the bottom of your pack. Your back will thank you. Fill your shoes so that space is not wasted. Great place for those mesh bags.

Now you are ready for a trial run. Weigh your pack and make sure you are within airline carry-on guidelines. Next put the pack on and stroll around your neighborhood a couple of times. If it feels too heavy make the hard decisions and eliminate.

You are allowed one other small carry-on.  This will be for your devices.  Keep them small and to a minimum. There are internet cafes almost everywhere.

When your flight is called get to that line-up.  Overhead space fills up quickly and you want to be able to claim yours.

Give yourself the gift of mobility. Give ninja packing a try and you will likely never go back to suitcase travel. Come in and see us at Adventure Travel, our knowledgeable and well-travelled staff will help you select a pack that is right for you. We carry great space saving accessories and super lightweight, quality clothing.

Happy travels from all of us at Adventure Clothing!

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