Posted by Sean Thompson

Travelling With Kids

Don’t stop travelling because you have kids. What kid is going to remember watching TV?  You have the opportunity, with travel, to introduce your child to other cultures, languages, economic realities and fun! You will enjoy their sense of discovery and wonder.  It may rekindle your own.

What you need to lose is that spontaneous kind of travel you did before kids. Travelling with kids enjoyably is all about planning. Make sure you have booked that hotel, campsite or local B&B for your arrival.

An obvious, but surprisingly often forgotten step, is to check expiry dates on passports.  Allow two months for a passport application to be processed as they often seem to be backlogged.

To avoid jetlag pretend to be in your travel destination’s time zone in advance. Start this process a couple of weeks prior to your departure in small increments. This can make the transition seamless and gives you more time to enjoy yourselves.

Check your destination’s climate carefully and pack accordingly. You don’t want to arrive and have to outlay a bundle of cash on clothing.

Expect delays. The amount of preparation you have to do is not that much different than a day at the beach.


  • Load a device with fun and educational games; these games will teach counting, color identification, shapes and the alphabet
  • Put toddlers in pull-ups if they are still having accidents
  • Invest in a child locator; set off the alarm and the sound will lead you to your child
  • Get a tiny collapsible stroller
  • Pack small, flat no-noise toys to be introduced as required
  • Pack medicine in your carry-on
  • Bring that favourite stuffed animal
  • Avoid feeding your kids sweets; your fellow travellers will thank you
  • Don’t overdo carry-ons; you want the flight attendants to like you as they have all kinds of things to amuse kids


  • Involve them in travel planning
  • Give them a camera and journal
  • Let them have input in what goes into their backpacks; retain an editor role
  • As with toddlers, they’ll want a device with them for entertainment
  • Ask them to help you to plan family games for those unexpected delays

Travelling is an educational experience. Spent some time in nature. You’ll be developing a child’s appreciation for the environment. Teach your kids to respect wildlife, stay on trails and appreciate cultural monuments

Support local business on your travels by staying at small B&Bs, eating at family owned restaurants and shopping at local markets. These provide rich cultural experiences and can save you some money.

Travelling kids are people magnets. You’ll meet all kinds of people through your children. Come on in and talk to us at Adventure Clothing. We can share our experiences of travelling with our own kids. We’ve got travel essentials on sale now until September 30. Some of these items make travel with kids easier.
Happy travelling!