Posted by Sean Thompson

Four Reasons to Go Solo

Fear can be a huge inner barrier to overcome for many first time solo travelers. You may have safety concerns, or worry about the loneliness factor or having to make all decisions by yourself.

Travelling alone for the first time often comes about because a travel partner backs out at the last minute or no one is available to travel when you are. Instead of canceling your own travel plans, you make the wise decision to carry on.

Going on a solo adventure can be a life-changing experience. Sure it can be scary but it’s also rewarding, fun and empowering. You’ll discover you’re your own best travel companion. Here’s a few good reasons to give solo travel a shot:


You’ll find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone to engage in conversations with strangers because you have to. Meeting new people from different backgrounds opens your mind and expands your worlds. You’ll meet both amazing locals and other adventurers a lot like yourself.


You won’t have to shape your day’s itinerary to accommodate anyone else. You want to scrap the day at the museum and lie on a beach and read a book? You can. You want to change plans halfway through the day because a local told you about a place you just had to get to? You can! Nobody else has to be considered.


You won’t have to worry about travelling with someone with very expensive tastes and wonder how you will keep up with them. Money is always a pressure point on vacations. When you are on your own there is no negotiating you have to do when it comes to your daily budget. You decide when and where you are going to splurge or scrimp.


You’ll be much more present-focused when you are a solo traveler. Without the distraction of a travelling companion(s) you’ll focus on what’s around you, the people and the places. You are better able to take it all in and absorb it. You’ll take risks, recharge because you give yourself the time to, learn about a culture unfiltered by someone else’s lens and feel so satisfied at the end of your trip.

These are just a few reasons to encourage you to hit the road solo. For many, it became the preferred way to travel after that first solo trip. You’ll likely wonder how you ever managed to travel with anyone after you have completed your first adventure. It’s probably the ultimate in self-indulgence and we all deserve some.

We’d love to hear about your solo adventures. Where did you go? How did you enjoy travelling alone? Are you planning a trip alone? We love to talk about travel. Come on into Adventure Clothing and chat with us. We’ll share travel stories.