Surviving An Overnight Flight

Unless you are one of those people that can sleep anywhere, and sitting up, getting enough shut-eye on an overnight flight can be challenging. The sound of the airplane’s engines, bright cabin lights, loud fellow passengers, crying kids, inflight carts jostling you and the dreaded coughers and sneezers, are just some of the hurdles you need to prepare yourself for.

The red-eye is unlikely to become your dream flight but to prevent a night of living hell we’ve put together a few suggestions that will make it a more bearable experience for you.

Select your seat in advance
This is a matter of personal preference. If you know you’ll have to make frequent trips to the washroom or you always get leg cramps, choose an aisle seat. You don’t want to be that annoying passenger that has to disturb seatmates regularly. Choosing a window seat gives you something to lean on when you feel sleep coming on, feels cozier, gives you a bit more private space and allows you to avoid people climbing over you and carts banging into you.

Limit your intake of fluids preflight and inflight
You’ll hear ‘stay hydrated’ from every medical expert. The time to drink extra fluids is towards the end of your flight as dehydration will worsen jetlag. What you want to avoid is finally falling asleep only to be awoken with a full bladder.

Wear comfortable clothing
Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it is loose fitting and the fabric is breathable. Forget about looking amazing and think about dressing for sleep, going short of wearing your pyjamas on board. Once you are settled in your seat, kick your shoes off for more comfort.

Pack some sleep/relaxation aids
Bring an eye mask to block out light, earplugs to muffle cabin noise, warm socks to fight cabin chill and a pillow that works for you. Airline pillows and blankets just don’t do it for comfort. Don’t forget sani-wipes, throat lozenges and kleenex. Make sure your electronic devices are fully charged and bring good earbuds.

Set the stage
Avoid caffeine and eat a light, balanced meal. You’ve got enough stress going on without digestive issues too. Recreate some aspects of your normal bedtime routine. Wash your face and brush your teeth to signal your body that it’s bedtime.

If you like to read before bed, do so until you feel sleepy. Or listen to calming music and it will block out the noise around you. Maybe there’s a great movie available on inflight entertainment. Settle down with whatever suits you.

Waking up
Now’s the time to hydrate. Caffeine, in moderation, will help too. Once you land, go easy on yourself. Pace your activities and don’t overdo it. Get to bed at a reasonable hour and soak up the luxury of a horizontal sleep.

Happy travels from all of us at Adventure Clothing.

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