The Evolution Of Travel Clothing

For so long the phrase ‘travel clothing’ has conjured up images, for most of us, of backpackers with serviceable, but not very attractive clothing. No offence to you dedicated backpackers out there! The point is that travel clothing has come a long way.Travel clothing today is not only functional but it has some style to it.

Let’s look at the most important qualities you’ll want to look for in travel clothing.

Whether you are hiking, biking, climbing or touring from place to place fabric choice is your #1 priority. Lightweight is a must. Fabrics should breathe well, keep moisture away from your skin and dry quickly. The dry quickly thing is really important. You might be using a sink or a creek to wash your clothing and you’ll need them dry for the next day. Today’s fabrics offer sun protection, moisture and insect management systems.

Your first choice in fabric should be nylon and polyester because of the foregoing characteristics. Cotton fabrics aren’t recommended unless you are headed to warm, dry climates. Cotton takes longer to dry and it won’t keep the moisture away from your body.

Wool can work well too, but it is bulky to pack. It will keep you warm and it will not retain odors like synthetics do.

Versatility is another key feature of quality travel clothing. Experienced travelers know to pack only what they’ll need. You want your outfits to serve many purposes. Sure you want clothing for trail adventures but you also want to be able to explore museums, go out for dinner, maybe attend a wedding and still keep your luggage to a minimum. Today’s travel clothing will make you look good and ready for any event your itinerary serves up. Choose your clothing items in  neutral colors so that mixing and matching is simple.

This is where the big change has come in the last few years. It used to be that there were few color or style choices when it came to travel clothing. Most clothing items had huge logos on them announcing who you were wearing and these announced you as a tourist. Most tourists want to blend in, keep a low profile and not be a magnet for theft.

Travel clothing today is not only functional but it looks good. There are many colors, fabrics and styles to choose from that weren’t available a few years ago.

Adventure Clothing is proud of the clothing lines that we sell. No matter where you are going we can assist you in finding perfect lightweight, versatile, stylish items for your trip. Give yourself enough time to browse what we’ve got. You are going to be amazed at our selection and how good our stuff looks.

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