Travel and That Falling Loonie

If you’re like most people the falling loonie may be crimping your travel style in 2016. The loonie is at its lowest level since 2004, which puts Canadian travellers at a disadvantage.

There are a few places in the world where the Canadian dollar is actually worth more than it was a year ago. If you want to stretch your dollar think about Brazil, Turkey and New Zealand as destinations. A trip across the border may have to be postponed as $1US will cost you $1.43 Canadian (at time of writing). The loonie has also lost value against the euro and the pound. Not a good situation for us.

The good news is that there are still some inexpensive places you can travel to. Airfare will continue to be expensive even though fuel has taken a nosedive. Once you get to your destination, however, there are some exceptional values to be had.


Turkey’s currency has dropped against our dollar, largely due to their current economic turmoil.

Turkey has soaring mountains, beaches bordering the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines, famous bazaars, fantastic cuisine, jaw dropping architecture and a friendly and welcoming people. Accommodation, food and travelling within the country are inexpensive.


The Brazilian real has also dropped against our dollar, making Brazil attractive to Canadians. Do your homework and head away from the most popular spots and it will be even easier on your wallet.

Brazil’s diverse ecosystems contain the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on this planet. Ride horses, kayak, climb mountains, whale watch, enjoy spectacular beaches and move to incredible music. Brazil has it all. Accommodation and food are cheap.


New Zealand’s dollar is also doing worse than ours, so it’s an excellent time to explore this country. Travellers returning from New Zealand always comment on how muted they find Canadian landscapes in comparison to the vibrant lushness experienced on their holiday.

Rich green forests, mountains, lakes and fiords make New Zealand one of the best hiking destinations on earth. Maybe you’ll see the famous All Blacks in a rugby match or attend a Maori feast or cultural performance.

Tipping is completely optional in New Zealand and not an expectation. Accommodation and food are more expensive than Turkey and Brazil but very good deals can be found if you do your research. Cuisine has gone through a renaissance and now specializes in local fare which is inspiring very positive reviews from travellers.

These are three ideas to get you going on your own research. There are many places the Canadian dollar can still be stretched. It just takes a little searching.

Happy Travels to you, from all of us at Adventure Clothing, in 2016.

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