Posted by Sean Thompson

Travel and Romance

We’re all in search of romance, whether we’re at home or on the road. Romance makes all the good things in our lives seem even better.

In any relationship, the more time you spend together, the more likely a spark or two may fly. When you discover that you also enjoy the same activities, attitudes, values and common interests, it usually means there’s common ground for a relationship to flourish. Getting beyond first blush in a relationship depends on how much you are both willing to disclose. Disclosure seems to happen easily on the road.

Travel presents a unique opportunity to meet like minded, fun and adventurous people. You know you’ve got that common ground as soon as you meet them. You may be on a long-term nomadic travel circuit, stationary in a foreign country for work or study purposes or on a time limited adventure that will take you to many countries in a short time span.

When travelling you’re generally in a more open headspace. You’ve escaped the regular routines of your daily life and you’re busy absorbing new experiences and cultures . You’re feeling pretty good about yourself and others. You’ll find yourself spending time with people that you feel you’ve known forever after a few days of shared time. Then you meet someone special and your trip turns into magic. Nothing wrong with that!

Generally speaking, finding romance on the road leads you down three relationship paths.

This kind of relationship, the most common, is all about having a great time with someone for a defined period. It could be that a visa expires or destinations diverge. Both parties know  this will happen from the onset. You’ve had a great time together but now it’s time to move on. You’ll likely stay in touch because it’s just so easy to do now. It could turn out that neither one of you is actually willing to let go of the relationship.

Commitment to a long distance relationship could happen before the destination relationship ends, more often it occurs after it has ended. Time and space lets you both examine the relationship from a new perspective. You both come to the conclusion that it was more than a road fling. Communication becomes a daily thing no matter where you are in the world. This communication becomes key to the relationship’s survival. Time zones present challenges that only scheduling can overcome. You’ll soon discover that you need to make a plan to get together again or you’ll just have an internet buddy. You’ll overcome the financial and time constraints that you face. At some point you’ll need to figure out the next steps.

This is where some hard decisions have to be made. One of you will have to consider moving to another country and all the challenges that this entails. Or you could both opt for settling in a new country so that you’re on a level footing. It’s all possible. It just takes the commitment to working through the hurdles that setting up home base together will bring. If you’ve come this far together, your chances of turning a road romance into the real thing are very high.