Eat Healthy While Travelling

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Eating new foods while travelling is a joy you don’t want to deprive yourself of. But you can maintain balance and reduce consumption of foods that could have you lugging unwanted pounds home. You just have to adjust your thinking a little and do some pre-planning using these tips.

Research Your Destination
Choose accommodation that offers a mini-fridge with nearby grocery stores and local fresh food markets. If you have any special dietary considerations and plan to eat at your hotel occasionally (breakfast is often included), talk to the hotel about this before you book. They’ll appreciate the advance notice and be happy to accommodate your dairy, vegan or gluten restrictions.

Pack Food for the Flight
Avoid the high sugar, fat and sodium foods you’ll be offered inflight. Instead pack your own fresh food and drink plenty of water. Use cooler bags. These can be reused later for storing healthy foods in your hotel, hostel or rental.

What to Eat
Stick with mostly veggies, some form of protein and fruit and nuts. You can find these foods anywhere on the planet and it keeps things simple. Eat rice or potatoes sparingly and minimal bread, pasta and liquid calories. Stay hydrated and store bottles of purified water in your room along with fruit, veggies and nuts for snacks.

Dining Out
Talk to your concierge, fellow travellers and locals about places to eat. If you’re on a restricted diet, ask for the chef’s help. You can substitute olive oil for dressings, ask them to hold croutons and cheese, have a burger dish without the bun, substitute starches for more veggies and so on. Don’t let a little oil or non-organic produce rob you of enjoying some great dining experiences.

Cut Yourself Some Slack
You’re on vacation and you’ve got to allow yourself some leeway in the treat department. Decide to let yourself have the odd slide. It’s okay! Just don’t do it two days in a row. Do some extra walking to work those treats off.

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