Introducing the New Baseline Collection

Dedicated to the spirit of discovery that defines our travels and creates lasting memories, Baseline is the merger of timeless style with extraordinary engineering. This is a collection created for the way we live and travel now, but made to last for life.

The new Baseline Collection features varying styles including wheeled carry-on and checked luggage, backpacks, tote bags, duffle bags, garment bags, and toiletry kits.  A variety of distinctive pieces that work together seamlessly.

Standout features setting Baseline apart in the industry include:

The world's only one-touch CX™ expansion, an upgraded system from the original Baseline collection. With the simple press of a button, nearly all wheeled bags in the collection can expand to increase packing capacity, and then can be easily compressed down to their original size.

Proprietary shock absorbing wheels for 360° maneuverability and smooth, quiet gliding.

Optimal capacity with the brand's patented Outsider® handle to provide a flat packing surface inside to minimize wrinkles. The handle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered with outstanding impact resistant design.

Superior materials tested to the highest standards, such as ballistic nylon fabric that provides exceptional durability and resists wear and tear, to evoke traveling with confidence.

Smartly designed versatile features such as extra-wide garment panels to envelop clothing for minimal creasing, and an integrated garment carrier to secure formal attire.

Additional organizational elements include a PowerPocket™ to conveniently store a battery pack to charge on the go, an add-a-bag strap, to transport two bags as one, organizational pockets with soft, premium lining so that everything from laptops and iPads to business cards and pens have a dedicated space, and RFID blocking pockets to protect personal data.


Full Sized Suitcases

Versatile, durable, and timeless… Extra Large, Large and Medium suitcases are the traditional go-to for big vacations.  The Extra Large, Large and Medium Spinners are built to hold absolutely everything you desire. They’re impeccably crafted with all the features you come to rely on from the Baseline collection.

  • Extra Large: 167 litres
  • Large: 122 litres
  • Medium: 97 litres


Carry-On Luggage

We know the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan wasn't initially intended to have anything to do with luggage, but we really do believe in skipping a checked bag whenever possible. With all of your belongings on board, you can take comfort in knowing everything you'll need upon landing is with you — not headed to a different destination because it didn't make the connection or lying alone on a tarmac somewhere, probably in the rain.  The new Baseline Collection includes a selection of different styles and sizes to suit your personal tastes and needs, whether you prefer 2-Wheeled Luggage, 4-Wheeled Spinners or the traditional over the shoulder bag.


2 Wheeled Carry-Ons

  • Global 2-Wheel Carry-On: 52 litres
  • Essential 2-Wheel Carry-On: 51 litres
  • Global 2-Wheel Carry-On Duffle: 37 litres


Carry-On Spinners

  • Global Carry-On Spinner: 49 litres
  • Essential Carry-On Spinner: 48 litres
  • Compact Carry-On Spinner: 41 litres


Cabin Bags

  • Expandable Cabin Bag: 31 litres
  • 2-Wheeled Cabin Bag: 25 litres
  • Cabin Spinner: 24 litres



There are few bags as simple, versatile, and satisfying to use as a duffle. Its utilitarian design — a soft, oblong bag with one zippered opening, two handles, and/or a shoulder strap—suits anything from your daily commute to a weekend away to a fishing trip.

  • Weekender Duffle: 42 litres
  • Underseat Duffle: 31.2 litres
  • Executive Travel Duffle: 26 litres


Larger Duffles

If you’re heading out for more than a weekend, a larger duffle may be just the thing for your trip.  As an added bonus, these bags merge the versatility of a duffle with the convenience of wheeled-upright luggage.

  • Large 2-Wheeled Duffle: 124 litres
  • Medium 2-Wheeled Duffle: 90 litres


Garment Bags

For formal travel such as business or weddings, quality garment bags are indispensable.  Some are designed to carry just a couple of suits or dresses, while others are suitable for packing an entire wardrobe.

  • Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner: 103 litres
  • Garment Duffle: 45.7 litres
  • Wide Carry-On Garment Spinner: 44 litres
  • Classic Garment Bag: 35.5 litres


Totes and Backpacks

Totes and Backpacks might be the most underrated travel bags. You can toss larger items (sweater, fresh socks tablet/laptop and a travel pillow) into one roomy compartment, and smaller items (wallet, phone, passport, book and a water bottle) into convenient and secure exterior compartments.  Plus, they're stylish without sacrificing utility, durability, or comfort.  If all of that wasn't enough, they're the epitome of a multi-purpose bag, right at home on a plane, at the beach or downtown shopping.

  • Traveller Tote: 33 litres
  • Traveller Backpack: 28 litres

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