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 40% of Canadians who responded to an online panel on Expedia said that they want to spend 8 hours travelling to get to their vacation destination. Whether that was by plane or car or otherwise did not matter. Half of all Albertan respondents said that they would be okay with spending over 8 hours on a plane WITH children! Fewer Atlantic Canadians were okay with travelling these larger distances (only 30%). 

Whatever the distance you plan to go, we have all your needs covered. We sell wonderful NO-JET-LAG tablets that can relieve tiredness and jet lag associated with long distance flights. It contains only homeopathic ingredients, does not produce side effects, and can be used with other types of medication.

No-Jet-Lag pills, pills that prevent jet lag


1) Take one tablet when your plane takes off and one when it lands (even if you are not disembarking).

2) During your flight take one tablet every two hours, but you can get away with four hour intervals if you are sleeping on the plane.

3) After only one good night sleep at your destination, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to live life in this new time zone without the hassle of jetlag!


Cabaeu Evolution Pillow infographic

Travel pillows are another important accessory for travelling! We sell comfortable memory foam travel pillows that will help you get the rest you need. Our most popular travel pillow is the Cabeau Evolution Pillow (image above). It is taller than other travel pillows to give you 360° head and chin support. It has adjustable sliding toggles at the front to cinch the pillow tight to make it even more comfortable and supportive! This particular pillow folds up into a travel pouch that shrinks it to ¼ of its size.


Whatever your travel distance, we have what you need.


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Written by Anna Heckadon.

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