Posted by Sean Thompson

The Lure of B&B’s

B&B’s have become the go-to booking for romantic weekend getaways, for business travellers wanting a touch of home and for those travelling from location to location, seeking something a little different.

There’s a huge variety to choose from. You can choose from the historic old castle with all the bells and whistles to the unassuming farmhouse that serves coffee in the morning. There’s something for everyone depending on your taste and budget. What they all offer is a quiet, family experience.

What sets them apart?

Generally speaking they’re on good properties and guests are invited to be part of the family for their stay. Innkeepers take great pride in making each room a cozy, unique experience, often themed. Most inns serve a homemade breakfast at the main dining table but if you’d prefer it in your room that usually doesn’t present a problem. Often dinner, sourced from local, organic growers, is available as well. In the evening don’t be surprised if you’re offered to join in for an hour of wine and cheese tasting or some variation thereof.Travellers enjoy talking with the hosts and other travellers to tell stories, often revising plans for the next day based on fellow lodgers’ experiences, but more than anything they love soaking in some good cosmopolitan company. Some of these strangers may turn into lifelong friends.

Many B&B’s offer spa services. If they don’t they’ll be sure to know a good one really close by. Your innkeepers are like the ultimate service providers. They have coupons for many attractions, discount offers at their fingertips and know everything local. They’re like tour guides, gourmet chefs and concierge rolled into one.

Over 97% of rooms listed now have their own bathrooms. Always check first if this is critical to you.

Know Yourself

If you know you’ll be miserable without a pool, gym, room service, business centres and don’t like making small talk with strangers, a B&B is probably not what you're after. They aren’t a good fit for partiers either.

If you’re on a tight budget you might want to look at super budget motels as B&B’s are more expensive than they are.

Call before you Book

Talk to the host so you get a better feel of the B&B before you book. Don’t forget to ask about the bathroom situation, pets and children (cranky kids and nowhere to go is to be avoided), accessibility, amenities in the room (like tv and wifi), what time is breakfast served, do you have the option of eating in your room and are there any special promos and codes available.

We hope you enjoy your B&B experience. It’s such a great opportunity to step into the life a local. A good place to start your search can be found at