Posted by Anna Heckadon

The Scarf That Keeps You Cool

Travelling somewhere hot? Want to stay cool? We have just what you’re looking for! It’s called the “Cool Scarf.” 

This awesome scarf will keep you cool AND looking stylish! We have so many patterns for you to choose from. Stop by soon to get first pick at our new selection of beautifully patterned Cool Scarves!

 a selection of cool scarves


Want to know how to use them? Here’s how:

  • Soak the scarf for 15-25 minutes in clean cold water. No more than that or the polymer crystals inside the scarf will expand and make their way out of the scarf. Well, that’s what happens if you soak it overnight. (Trust me, we’ve done it. Don’t do it.)
  • Tie the Cool Scarf loosely around your neck and it will keep you cool for more than 48 hours! (Yes it actually does keep you cool that long!)
  • You can also tie it around your head to reduce a headache.
  • No refrigeration necessary!


Where can you use the Cool Scarf?

  • Literally anywhere!


The scarf itself is made of cotton fabric. You can hand wash it in soft soap. Hang dry after use.


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Written by Anna Heckadon