Posted by Anna Heckadon

Worried about pick-pocketers?

Worried about pick-pocketers? Ask us about our PacSafe bags.

“If you’re not constantly on guard, you’ll have something stolen.”

In this post we will share a couple of tips on how to prepare for and stay safe on your travels.



  • Photocopy your important documents. Bring a copy with you and leave a copy with your friends/family staying home. Do this in case yours gets lost and they can share the information with you.
  • Consider travel insurance on your expensive electronics. Take a picture of your pricey gear and store those pictures at home in case it helps settle an insurance claim.
  • Leave your fancy bling at home because it lures thieves.
  • Purchase a PacSafe bag. Our wonderful PacSafe bags offer protection and security from thieves. We made a video about our most popular PacSafe item. Check it out!

 woman wearing pacsafe citysafe 8 litre convertible backpack 

  • Purchase a money belt. See our full selection in store.

money belt 

“Travelers are more likely to inadvertently lose their bags than to have them stolen.”



  • Stay aware of your belongings and don’t put yourself in risky situations such as: unlit, deserted areas at night.
  • Leave your valuables in your hotel room or in the safe (that’s either in your room or behind the front desk).
  • Secure your bags (easy to do with PacSafe!)

 informational image on how to lock/use your pacsafe bag 

  • Stay vigilant in crowds and steer clear of commotions.


“Your travels should be about as dangerous as hometown grocery shopping. Don’t travel fearfully—travel carefully.”


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Written by Anna Heckadon