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About The Brand

We asked Alex Tilley how it all started:

"I had an elegant sailboat which I called ‘Karmananda’, but I needed a hat to go with it. In 1980 there were no such hats available. None!
So, knowing nothing about hat making, I decided to oversee the making of a ‘proper’ hat as a midwinter’s hobby-project, one in keeping with the beauty of my sailboat. I figured that other Toronto sailors needed one too.
It took three months to arrive at the prototype stage. Because the Hat was so costly to hand-craft, I never thought it would sell in a store, and that it would always remain a hobby.
But by selling them at numerous boat shows in my early days, I learned that people would pay for quality."

Many customers ask, “What does it take to make a Tilley hat?”

Most folks already know they’re handmade. But it takes more than one pair of hands to usher a legendary Tilley hat into the world. In all, it takes 23 pairs of hands. 23 highly trained, skilled and caring craftspeople to follow a process first conceived by sailor Alex Tilley in 1980 and then thoughtfully and continually refined over the following decades.

In all, those 46 hands follow 41 steps, a precise and practised process that begins with cutting cotton and foam canvas and ends with steaming and packing the flawless final product. In between, we’re busy joining, binding, lining, stitching and adding those essential signature details that distinguish a Tilley hat from all others.

Guaranteed for life, an iconic Tilley hat fits low and loose, floats, hides a secret pocket and blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Proudly made in Canada and designed to endure whatever the world can throw at it, a Tilley hat is more, though, than simply a lightweight, practical, durable, reliable, stylish travel essential. It’s history on your head.


Sizing Information

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Special Warranty Policies

Lifetime Guarantee Hats

If your Tilley Hat is a Lifetime Guarantee Hat and wears out due to:

  • normal wear and tear
  • poor workmanship
  • faulty material

Tilley will repair or replace your hat.

TIP: If you are unsure whether your Tilley hat has the Lifetime Guarantee, simply look at the woven label inside your hat. It will tell you if your hat is covered.

When is my Tilley hat NOT covered?

If your Tilley hat is not a Lifetime Guarantee Hat or is damaged due to:

  • misuse
  • improper care

Tilley will not replace your hat.*

* Tilley Endurables customer service department reserves the right to determine what constitutes normal wear and tear, poor workmanship, faulty material, misuse and/or improper care.

How can I register my Tilley hat(s)?

Simply go to the Hat Registration Page and fill out the form to register your new Tilley hat. Please fill out one form for each hat registration.

*You must register your hat within 60 days of purchase.

What you need to register:

  • Name & mailing address
  • An email address you can be contacted at
  • Your hat style, colour and size information
  • The name of the store you purchased your hat, the date of the purchase and the transaction/reference number on the receipt. If you purchased from Tilley.com, you will need your order confirmation number.

TIP: If you’re not sure of your hat details, look on the hat hang tag.
Still not sure? Contact customer service and describe your hat to them.

NEW: If you purchased your hat through one of our Retail Partners, you need to register your hat through our Hat Registration Page. Repairs or replacements will ONLY be handled by Tilley. After all, they know their hats better than anyone else.

My Tilley Hat is worn out. What do I do now?

Step 1: Assess your Tilley Hat

If the reason for your return is due to normal wear and tear, faulty material or poor workmanship, please fill out a Guarantee Claim Form.

Tip: You will need to include a personal cheque (or credit card number) to cover return postage or your new/repaired hat

If the hat shows damage from improper care or abuse (mold or mildew included), it will not be repaired or replaced. Colour fading, stains, grommet patina, frayed wind cords are all signs of a well-worn and well-loved hat and do not signal a defective hat.

Tip: If you think your Hat has experienced shrinkage, you can stretch it back by placing it over your knee and giving a good pull.

Step 2: Prep your Hat for return

Please remove all personal items from the security pocket. Please wash your hat prior to sending it back to us. Once your hat is completely dry, pack your hat carefully and mail it to address found on the Guarantee Claim Form.


How do I claim for new socks & guaranteed clothing?

Tilley socks are guaranteed 'all-holes-barred' for 3 years. Please send Tilley your worn-out item for a new replacement. If you are returning socks, please return both socks in the pair for replacement. To claim under the sock policy – send your 3-year sock certificate, (which should be in the left side of your bottom dresser drawer, if you followed Alex Tilley’s advice) OR a valid proof-of- purchase.

Print your Clothing/Socks claim form here: Socks/Colthing Guarantee Claim Form

Tilley's Classic Weight AdventureCloth Classic Shorts, VOMP (Vest-Of-Many-Pockets) and all items in the Different Drummer Legends line will be REPLACED FREE IF THEY EVER WEAR OUT. 'Wearing out' means rubbing a hole through an item through abrasion. If it rips (it could happen) Tilley will repair it as economically as possible for you. If the zipper breaks or such, send the item back to Tilley and they'll gladly repair it for you.

Print your Clothing/Socks claim form here: Socks/Colthing Guarantee Claim Form

*Please wash and dry your item before sending in for guaranteed replacement.

In Canada Mail It To:
Tilley Endurables
Attn: Returns
60 Gervais Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 1Z3

Questions? Contact Tilley at 1-800-363-8737 or email them at tilley@tilley.com.


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