Things She Loves - Packing for a Long Stay

Staying longer in one place or travelling for longer periods of time can often mean a different approach to packing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable and have a few lightweight touches to jazz up well-loved and practical items.

Things we don’t want to bring on our travels are bulky jeans, more than two pairs of shoes, a bag full of makeup and FEAR!

Things we do want to bring:

1. Merino Clothing – perfect for travel – lightweight, breathable, doesn’t retain odour, easy to wash and dry. Long thermal tops and bottoms in various colours can be worn as underwear, outerwear, or pyjamas!

At Adventure Clothing, we carry a full line of SUPER.NATURAL products made from their amazing Merino Wool Mix!


2. Whether your out for an hour or a day, you’ll want to keep essentials, such as cash, credit cards and your favourite pair of sunglasses close at hand, but not in your hand.

We recommend Pacsafe bags and purses that are effortless to carry and full of safety features from locking zippers to RFID pockets.


3. A collapsible jacket that folds into a pocket, keeping it small for packing, and doubling as a pillow in a pinch – perfect… and we have that!


Check out Cotopaxi’s Women’s Fuego Jackets. Pro-tip – looking for the special something for that special someone? Cotopaxi also has Men’s Fuego Jackets with the same awesome features!


4. Good underwear... allow us to repeat that - GOOD UNDERWEAR! Don't leave home without it. Something you could wear more than one day if you had to. It must be odour and moisture resistant and easy to wash, but most of all, comfortable.

Huha Mineral Undies open a door to ‘under there’ comfort you never knew existed. Lined with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers that are unfavourable for bacteria growth, and pharma grade zinc oxide, these undies keep you fresher, longer.


5. An international adapter for electric plugs is a must for international travel.

We like the Travelon Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger. It’s a compact cube that weighs less than 5 ounces and is compatible in more than 150 countries.


6. When you get to your tropical paradise destination, you’re going to need something that protects you from the sun, is easily packable and can be worn in the water, on the beach or downtown for lunch.

A survivor of melanoma, Melissa created an amazing line of just such products – CABANA LIFE.


7. Having trouble sleeping on your flight, train or bus? An eye mask will help and will work just as well in a too-well-lit hotel room.

We carry Bucky Eye Masks that will help you enjoy a more restful, pressure-free snooze while traveling or at home. 


8. Keeping your packing to a minimum is a must, and the best way we’ve found to do that is to bring the classic 1-piece outfit – The Dress.

We're proud to offer the classic Canadian Fashion Icon - Joseph Ribkoff


With these products and more from Adventure Clothing you can...

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