A Journey of Discovery: Exploring the West Coast's Hidden Gems

During the past summer, our schedules became so busy that Jennifer and I made the choice to go on separate vacations to indulge in our personal interests.  Jennifer chose a relaxing getaway to Martha's Vineyard, while I embarked on a road trip with my motorcycle, navigating my way down to California and back.

A fantastic motorcycle journey consists of three essential elements: remarkable roads, captivating destinations, and wonderful companions.  As I embarked on my adventure across the Coho Ferry to Port Angeles, I was fortunate to have an abundance of each. From Port Angeles, our route led us westward to the scenic coastline of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Washington coast is a true gem that often goes unnoticed, hiding its incredible beauty behind the shadows of more famous destinations. This diverse and awe-inspiring part of the coastline offers a captivating blend of untamed natural beauty and coastal allure. While here, we couldn't resist a visit to the quaint town of Forks, made famous as the inspiration for the Twilight novels. Fortunately, we lucked out with a sunny day, a rare occurrence in one of the wettest places in the United States.

As you can imagine, I spent numerous hours in the saddle throughout this journey. It's reminiscent of a lengthy flight where you remain in a single position for an extended duration. Predictably, your feet start to swell and throb as blood accumulates at the lower parts of your legs. Whether you're on a motorcycle, train, or plane, the remedy lies in using graduated compression socks, and at Adventure Clothing, we offer Sockwell. These socks, both functional and fashionable, will ensure your feet and legs stay comfortable on your upcoming adventure.


Early the following morning, we crossed over into Oregon and continued our trek south. The Oregon coast is a magnificent stretch of shoreline along the Pacific Ocean, extending for about 585 kilometers. It's known for its rugged beauty, picturesque landscapes, and natural wonders. One of my personal highlights in Oregon is the abundance of Myrtle trees and the beautiful wood they produce. The next time you're in Adventure Clothing, ask Jennifer to show you the Myrtle wood pen I made for her.

Long hours in the saddle can lead to chaffing, sweat rashes, and discomfort due to limited airflow around the seat and crotch. The solution is good underwear. For men, this means moisture-wicking fabric, a supportive fit, and a separation layer to prevent sweat rashes. Adventure Clothing carries 2UNDR, a Vancouver, BC company, that meets these criteria and comes in various styles and prints.


For women, moisture-wicking and odour control are essential. Adventure Clothing offers HuHa underwear, also from Vancouver, which uses ethically sourced modal fibers and features a zinc-infused liner to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh while riding your motorcycle.  There are many different styles available in our store, but for motorcycling we recommend the bike short.

As we neared the towering redwoods, we said farewell to Oregon and entered California. This part of the journey brought back memories of family road trips, visiting roadside attractions, and, in particular, the iconic Paul Bunyan and the Trees of Mystery, a cherished stop to this day.

Venturing further into California, the pace picked up significantly. Riding in this state is not for the faint of heart, as it involves high speeds, lane-splitting, and navigating through a sea of luxurious sports cars worth a small fortune. It was an exhilarating experience! 


Before we knew it, we found ourselves at the northern terminus of the Golden Gate Bridge, leading us into the heart of downtown San Francisco. Here, we enjoyed an unforgettable night filled with delectable food and entertainment.

We were fortunate to have warm sunny days throughout this trip, but all motorcyclists know, that isn't always the case.  Ride Jasper at the end of August, and you'll be bundling up in the morning.  At Adventure Clothing we carry the  SUPER.NATURAL midweight (175g) series (both men's and ladies tops and bottoms).  The merino wool mix is perfect for every season, keeping you warm and wicking away moisture while ensuring a comfortable and lightweight fit.



From San Francisco, our journey took us south to one of the most anticipated highlights of the trip: California's iconic Big Sur. This stunning region on the central coast is known for its rugged beauty, dramatic coastline, and breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a motorcyclist's dream. 

After riding through Big Sur, it was time to head back northward. Instead of retracing our steps, we charted a new course, setting our sights on Oregon's Crater Lake. Our journey took us off the beaten path, avoiding the I-5 and opting for winding routes that crisscrossed Oregon's mountain ranges. We relished the ride over peaks and through tranquil valleys, surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty and sparse population. These two days of riding proved to be a peaceful and picturesque adventure.  

Adventure Clothing offers motorcyclists a solution for multi-day rides with the 60L Cargo Hauler from Eagle Creek. This rugged bag has been updated with recycled fabrics to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining durability. It features water-resistant nylon for weather resistance, reinforced handles and lash points for long-term reliability, and convenient tuck-away backpack straps. Compression straps help reduce bulky loads for added convenience.

Before touring Crater Lake, we spent a night at The Historic Prospect Hotel, a charming and well-preserved historic lodging in Prospect, Oregon. This hotel offered us a unique glimpse into the past with its rich history, beautiful grounds, and warm hosts. The elegant dining room provided fantastic meals and impeccable service, making it a highly recommended stop on our journey.  Although she wasn't with us, this is one of Jennifer's favorite places to stay.

The following day was dedicated to exploring Crater Lake in southern Oregon, a remarkable natural wonder. This lake is renowned for its exceptional depth, being the deepest in the United States and the seventh deepest worldwide. It formed within a caldera created by the eruption of Mt. Mazama approximately 7,700 years ago. Crater Lake's unique features include its remarkable clarity and breathtaking beauty, owing to its pristine waters mainly supplied by snowfall.


Packing Cubes are the most important accessory for efficient motorcycle packing. They provide practical organization, maximize space, and allow easy access to items without unpacking everything. This is especially important for quickly finding essential items like rain gear, making packing cubes essential for travelling.

Our journey concluded with all of us returning home safely and leaving us with cherished memories, a deep appreciation for the landscapes we encountered, and a burning desire to continue exploring the hidden gems and remarkable wonders of our world. The only thing missing from this trip was Jennifer, my trusted travel companion, business partner and loving spouse.


Tony Brooks

Chief Exectuive Sherpa
Adventure Clothing

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