Cruise to Hawaii this Autumn

Hawaii is a dream destination for many, known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique attractions. While flying to Hawaii is common, taking a cruise (Vancouver to Vancouver) offers an exceptional and memorable way to experience these beautiful islands.

Here are several reasons why a cruise to Hawaii might be the perfect vacation choice for you.

Multiple Islands, One Trip

Hawaii is an archipelago with each island offering distinct attractions. A cruise allows you to visit multiple islands without the hassle of inter-island flights, packing, and unpacking. You can wake up each morning in a new, exciting location, ready to explore.


Packing Tip #1 – a good hat! 

The number one item to consider is a good hat, and at Adventure Clothing, we have that!  Jennifer’s go-to is Kooringal Women’s Upturn hat, while Tony won’t go anywhere without a Tilley LTM5.


Ease and Convenience

Cruising simplifies your travel plans. Once you board the ship, you only need to unpack once, and your floating hotel will transport you from one island to the next. This eliminates the stress of frequent check-ins and check-outs at different hotels and the need for various transportation arrangements.


Packing Tip #2 – Tops for warm days and cool evenings. 

A cool sea breeze can be exactly that – cool!  Which is why we recommend having a couple of long T’s or light sweater’s along for the voyage.


All-Inclusive Experience

Most cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages that cover accommodations, meals, and entertainment. This makes budgeting for your vacation easier, as you won’t have to worry about the cost of dining out or entertainment options. Plus, you’ll have access to a variety of restaurants, shows, and activities right on the ship.


Packing Tip #3 - Dressy Attire

Some restaurants will kick it up a notch and require “Dressy” attire.  For the ladies, this means dresses, skirts or slacks.  “Dressy” attire simply screams Joseph Ribkoff to us.

Unique Onboard Activities and Entertainment

Cruise ships are designed to keep guests entertained throughout the journey. You can enjoy a wide range of activities such as live performances, movie nights, fitness centers, and pools. Many ships also offer unique experiences like cooking classes, art auctions, and wine tastings.  One of the most enchanting aspects of cruising to Hawaii is the journey itself. As you sail across the Pacific Ocean, you’ll have the chance to enjoy stunning sunsets, watch for marine life, and partake in various onboard activities. Sea days can be incredibly relaxing and provide a sense of adventure as you approach the islands.


Packing Tip #4 – Beachwear

You’re going to want a variety of outfits enjoy the numerous onboard activities, many of which will be up on deck, enjoying the sun.  To protect yourself and feel good about how you look, check out our full line of beachwear including swimsuits, and cover-ups with loads of SPF protection!


Immersive Shore Excursions

Cruises offer a variety of shore excursions at each port of call, allowing you to explore Hawaii’s natural beauty and cultural heritage more deeply. You can go snorkeling in Maui, visit Pearl Harbor in Oahu, hike the volcanic landscapes of the Big Island, and experience traditional Hawaiian luaus.  Many cruise lines incorporate local Hawaiian culture into their onboard activities. You might find hula lessons, lei-making workshops, and Hawaiian-themed performances. This helps immerse you in the local culture even before you set foot on the islands.


Packing Tip #5 - Simple Dress

When you’re heading off on one of your excursions, you’re going to want to wear something simple, easy and beautiful.  At Adventure Clothing, we call that a Dress!  It’s the perfect one-piece outfit for walking along the beach, or a city street.

Hassle-Free Planning

Booking a cruise can simplify your vacation planning process. Cruise packages often include flights to and from the departure port, making it easier to coordinate your travel. Additionally, the cruise line handles most of the logistics, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.


Packing Tip #6 – Luggage and Accessories

On any cruise, you’re going to need some good luggage to get on board, some handy accessories to make your cruise comfortable and a great day bag or two for your shore excursions.

When packing for the cruise, we find a either a Large or a Medium Expandable Spinner packs everything we need, but it can sometimes take a few hours for our luggage to catch up to us in our cabin, so we also take a carry-on spinner or a cabin bag for items we’ll need right away. 

When heading out for a shore excursion

nothing says convenience like a backpack or sling, and whenever you’re travelling, you want to keep your belongings secure, with some of the latest anti-theft technology.


Getting from Vancouver to Hawaii and back

takes a full 10 days at sea, along with about seven days if island hopping, so you’re going to want to transform your cabin into a home and we’re here to help with some amazing accessories.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned on cruise ships, is that the corridors are long, narrow, and lined with identical looking doors.  Having a magnet or two attached to your door will make it stand out and easy to find.

Cruising to Hawaii offers a unique, convenient, and enjoyable way to explore the islands, providing a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion.  Enjoy your trip and… Aloha!

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